Stock Market Investments for Earning Good Returns


The trend of making stock market investments is again driving out the investors to generate profits through the stock markets after a long recessional climate.

Stock market comprises a marketplace where investors deal with buying and selling their securities and commodities quickly and cheaply. Stock markets generally are the individual stock exchanges at different places or a single market comprising of all the individual stock exchanges in a country. In stock markets, securities are not only sold or bought between the buyers and sellers, but they also get valuated continuously. Providing marketability for the long-term investments is the basic function of the stock exchanges in the stock markets. Hence, they serve by providing a forum for free transferability of shares and other securities held by public. Hence, stock market investments play a vital role in escalating and maintaining the financial standing of a country.


Trading in the stock markets is strictly regulated and rules and regulations are prescribed for various transactions. The most important feature to note about the stock markets is that both genuine investors and speculators are allowed to buy and sell their shares and other securities. The stock market investments comprise securities dealt by governments, municipal corporations, trusts, business organizations and corporations etc. The determination of a reasonable as well as fair price of the marketable securities is one of the important functions of stock exchanges. Moreover, the adequate safety of the genuine investors from fraud and manipulations caused due to speculators, members, brokers etc is the most significant among them.


Through, stock market investments, all the investors get an opportunity to invest their surplus funds into various financial instruments and thus, direct their flow towards deficit units. Stock market motivates the investors to save more and invest in high yielding securities and thus, promotes such industries or units, which show best productive and financial performance. Stock exchanges in the stock market allocate resources to alternative uses. Thus, in an efficient stock market the supply of resources is transformed into long-term investment fund, thus allocating funds to best rewarding firms.


Stock exchanges also provide liquidity whenever needed. For instance, an investment in the equity share capital is a perpetual or permanent commitment in contributing fixed capital of a company, thus blocking liquidity.


Investors play a significant role in the stock market investments.

Integration of financial markets throughout the world into an international financial market is called globalization of financial markets. Globalization ensures different entities to raise their funds significantly, instead of limiting to their domestic market.


Any investor enters into the field of stock market investment for earning huge profits in a small time period. This can actually be said as gambling in the name of making investments. However, there are several helpful strategies or secrets that can make one become the leader of the stock market but for this, gaining knowledge continuously is highly important, besides hiring professional assistance from companies like Erlybird. There is a secret that can bring you more scope to earn bigger profits with some easy efforts.


Before entering into the field of stock market investments, investors plan the entire strategy of investing their money on the basis of short-term, mid-term or long term plan. Always looking forward and staying positive is the secret of a good stock investor. Stock investors are the major participants in the stock market investments and act according to the rise and fall of the market is expected as per the financial scenario. Learning from mistakes is highly important in stock investing. Hence, stock market investments can lead you to rise with your investment only if you have learnt lessons from your mistakes.

All about candles


Candles and candle accessories are sold primarily in four types of retail outlets: department stores; specialty candle shops; mass merchandisers, including drug store chains, supermarkets, and discount stores and online candle shops. The U.S. candle market is classically divided into seasonal candles, Christmas candles & holiday candles, which makes up roughly 35% of the candle industry, and non-seasonal candles at about 65%.


Normally, a major U.S. candle producer offers 1,000 to 2,000 varieties of candles and candle accessories in its product line.


Types of candles manufactured in the U.S. include: tapers, dinner candles, column candles, pillar candles, votive candles, soy candles, jar and specialty candles. Many of these come in different sizes and fragrances, and all come in a range of colors.


Candles are utilized in 7 out of 10 U.S. homes.


Candle shipments of holiday candles and Christmas candles increase considerably during the third quarter of the year because of the seasonal character of candle sales during the end-of-year holiday celebrations, since candles play a big role at this time of year.


Online shopping for scented candles is rising, online candle stores, such as The Damn Good Company, are in a great sales moment.


A Candle industry study indicates that the most vital aspect affecting candle retailing is aroma, color, price and form. The scent is by far the most significant attribute, with three-fourths of candle buyers saying it is “extremely important”; or “very important”; in their selection of candles for the home.


A Candle manufacturers’ study shows that 96% of all candles bought are purchased by women.


Two-thirds of candle buyers say they light candles once a week or more frequently. Women are more frequent users than men, and younger people tend to use candles more often than older adults.


Candle users say they mainly light candles in the living room, mainly using scented pillar candles and votive candles. The kitchen is the next most used room for candles, using scented candles in general and dinner candles. The bedroom comes in last place, where people tend to use scented candles of any shape and votive candles .


Customers state that they usually burn candles for just below 3 hours. Interesting enough are scented candles being lit almost twice as long as for example votive candles or soy candles.


The majority of candle users mention that they use scented candles to create a more comfortable or cozy.


Candle buyers see candles as a good present for the holidays, as a housewarming gift, a hostess dinner party present, and a thank you and as adult birthday gifts (58%).


Tealight candles are the most regularly bought kind of candles, followed by votive candles and jar candles.


When it comes to scents, vanilla scented candles are used most, directly followed by coffee scented candles and cinnamon scented candles. Aromatherapy candles and lavender scented candles are also favorites.

Romantic Gifts That Will Please


When you love someone, it is only natural that you want to find little ways to please the object of your affection. While everyone likes to receive something outrageous and expensive from time to time, it is often the simple gifts that really light the fire of the one you adore. Here are a few ideas for romantic gifts that are very likely to be a big hit.

One of the most romantic gifts you can offer to the love of your life is an evening away from the usual routine. This is especially effective if you and your partner have children. Make arrangements to whisk your loved away from home for an evening. Put together a tasty picnic lunch in the park or by the seaside, then move on to a nice hotel where the two of you can enjoy time spent together with no distractions. Make sure to turn off the cell phones before you embark on the getaway.

If money is a little tight right now, you can still prepare a special gift for your romantic partner. Put your computer software to good use and create a very special coupon book that entitles your lover the ability to claim a hot oil massage, a foot rub, or any other little pleasures that you know he or she loves. Since this is a private gift between the two of you, the coupons can offer anything that you choose. Depending on where you are in your relationship, the coupons can be romantic but “G” rated, or you can go with coupons that are decidedly of a naughty nature.

Another simple gift idea that is sure to delight is obtaining a matching set of something that only the two of you know about. This can something as conservative as matching pieces of jewelry to something wild and crazy like matching tattoos located in spots that only your partner ever gets to see. The whole point is that the matching set has significance to each of you, and serves as a reminder of the romantic connection that holds the two of you together.

Simple romantic gifts are possible regardless of where you live or how much money you have. Take a good look at your present situation and brainstorm a few ideas of your own. With a little thought, you can discover several simple gifts that are sure to light up the eyes of your very special person.


Planning Your Independent Movie Post Production

RGB video cables in the recorder

Scheduling Tips for a Successful Indie Film Post-Production Cycle

Filmmaking is all about careful planning. While it is possible for a small crew of people to create a lucky masterpiece of filmmaking genius by winging it, the odds of failure at some stage of production are high. In the end it is those who take the time to plan during every phase of their movie’s production that will reap the rewards of a well produced film. This is important because a well produced film is like a calling card for a filmmaker which can open doors to film festivals (especially the larger, more important ones), increase the opportunities for making money with their movie, and ultimately increases the odds that there will be another movie to work on after the current project is complete.

Failing to Plan. Planning to Fail.

Careful planning in the post production phase of an independent film is just as important as planning during pre production and production because on average, nearly half of a films total production budget will be spent during this phase. To bring the project in on-time and on (or under) budget requires attention to detail in cost areas that can balloon out of control quickly, without even realizing it.

Whether a filmmaker is hiring others, or doing the work themselves, there is a ‘cost’ to everything during post production. The cost may be more obvious when someone has been hired to perform a task, but a critical mistake that many independent filmmakers make is assessing any work they do themselves as ‘free.’ Technically this may be true in that the filmmaker doesn’t need to reach into the wallet and hand someone a stack of twenties, but everyone’s time has a cost. There are other things that a filmmaker could be doing with that time, and in post production there is almost always something else that needs to be done!

The trick is in knowing how much money your time is worth. It may seem like a no-brainer to not hire an editor, but if it takes the filmmaker 200 hours to assemble a rough cut and an experienced editor can do the same job in 100 hours, is doing it yourself really saving money? What else could be done with that time? These are the sorts of tradeoffs that every filmmaker must think through during post production.


It’s all About the Answers

Some questions that need to be answered before post production begins:

  • Who will be logging all the footage that has been shot and how long will logging take?
  • Who will be editing the movie for a rough cut? How long will it take?
  • Who will be editing the movie for the final cut? How long will it take?
  • Are there reshoots that must be done? When will those happen and how much time will they take?
  • Are there additional collateral materials to be produced (trailers, promotional materials, DVD extras, etc.) that need to be produced during this time? What are they? How long will each one take? Who will be doing the work?
  • Who will be producing the music for the movie? What about foley? Are there any sections of dialog that will need to be redubbed?
  • Does the film have any visual effects or CG that need to be added? See more about this on VFX Los Angeles.
  • What about color correction? How long will it take?
  • What formats will be produced for festival screening? DVD? Film print? Something else?
  • Who will produce the DVD product (either screeners, or final product to be sold)? How long will that take?
  • How long will a lab take to process film footage for each cut of the movie?


Every project is different and the above question may only be a sampling of the issues and tasks that need to be taken into consideration as post production begins. In the end a filmmaker only has so many hours in a day, and ultimately unless the film being produced has no deadlines (relatively unlikely, even if the only deadline is the entrance deadline in a film festival), the hours that are put in planning and answering the above questions will be the difference between a project being completed on time or missing deadlines. Sometimes answering these questions can even mean the difference between a project being completed or not.

Why Hire a Web Marketing Firm?

Having your website found through the search engines may be a bigger challenge than you imagine. A few years ago, search engines were looking for websites to fill their content and sites were automatically indexed and easy to find. With the proliferation of web sites on the Internet, it is increasingly difficult to find and to be found. It is essential for website owners to consider hiring a search engine marketing firm (SEM) to set up a digital marketing strategy.

Here are some of the things that an internet marketer would do to position a website:

1. Analyse your website
Your website will be examined from a search engine perspective (structure, navigation, links, page weight) to make sure there are no html errors or technical elements that prevent search engines from visiting and indexing your website.

2. Target keywords
Choosing the right keywords is the most critical element of any internet marketing strategy. The keywords you use will either cause your site to attract high volumes of targetted visitors or break your listings in the search engines. Internet marketers use keyword softwares to find the most effective keywords for your web site based on popularity (how often people search for a determined keyword) and competition (how many competing sites use a particular keyword).

3. Optimize your website
Search engine optimization consists of adding to your website elements that will enable search engines to identify, understand and rank your web site. Each page of your site will be considered independently because that’s what search engines do. For each page, an internet marketer will write meta tags (codes that describe the contents of a web page), add Alt Tags (Alternative Text for Images), calculate keyword frequency, check the length of your body text and make suggestions to give your site the best chances of achieving high rankings.

4. Submit your website
Submitting your site to the search engines and directories is complex and time consuming. Search engines and directories have different policies – some provide results to others, some charge fees to review web sites – and submission rules constantly change. A professional will submit your site manually (automatic submission softwares are no longer tolerated by most search engines) and suggest any paying programs that would be beneficial to your web site.

5. Build links
The number of links that point to a web site is an important ranking criteria called “link popularity”. The more you have other web sites linking to your site, the more search engines consider your web site as important. A lack of inbound links may results in search engines dropping your site. Link building is usually done through submissions to top-industry web sites and directories, regional or local directories.

6. Monitor your ranking
Ranking monitoring should be done at least once a month. Your position on the search engines can change dramatically and unpredictably as new competitors go online or when search engines change their ranking criteria. An internet marketer will keep a close eye on your positions, analyse the search results and make changes to your web site accordingly.

7. Analyse traffic
Traffic analysis should be done on a regular basis to check if your online marketing strategy meets your objectives and if your visitors are converted into sales.

Global Designs is a website marketing company, located in Calgary Alberta. We have successfully promoted websites in a variety of industries in Calgary, Alberta and throughout Canada.

Choosing a Web Design Firm

One way to get a feel for a website design company is to look at their website. This will give an indication of their standards, it will also provide information about their services, examples of their work and customer testimonials.

When speaking with a website development company, it is important that they understand your business and your customers. When you find the right web design company you should have made some kind of connection and mutual understanding of what is required and wanted.

Here are some guidelines to help choose the best web professional:

Can they fulfill your requirements? Go over their portfolio. Take note if their completed projects look very similar in terms of format and structure. You will be paying for a website design that fits your branding, not a run-of-the-mill template.

Are their customers satisfied? Reputable web design companies will always be willing to give you referrals upon request.

How is their response time? The firm should be able to respond to your inquiries in a timely manner.

How reasonable are their prices? You want to get the best value for your money, and if you have a limited budget, that the web design company you choose won’t exceed it. If you can’t afford the one that you feel is most qualified, don’t settle for a cheaper designer. You always get what you pay for! Discuss your options, as reputable web designers will often work with your budget and offer solutions.

Can they deliver on time? Don’t be scared to ask about completion dates, or if you have a set deadline, can they meet it.

Do they have the expertise to effectively market your ecommerce website? Web marketing is vital to your ecommerce site’s success. Find a web designer that is also skilled in SEO, PPC advertising, and social media marketing.

Are they personable and friendly? Is the designer willing to help and suggest their own ideas? Find a website designer that willingly gives input during the initial creativity process, throughout the production and even after completion.

Global Designs is a website development company, located in Calgary Alberta. With over 20 years experience in the industry, we know what it takes to get your website done efficiently and done right!

Creating a Great Website

There are several elements to making a functional website. We have taken my Top 5 that we feel are important in creating a website presence:

1. Easy Navigation and Easy to Read – Poor organization is a dead giveaway of a poor site. Have you noticed with news papers that all the top stories are at the top? This is how you should think when you are presenting information on your website. Navigation should be easy and user friendly.

2. Intelligent use of Graphics – Most visitors to your site won’t wait more than 30 seconds for your page to load. Imagery is nice, but if used excessively or images sizes are too large, by the time the page finishes loading, the viewer will be gone. You want to use images to catch attention and keep them interested. Don’t use templates that may be in use by others, be creative and original in your web design.

3. Fresh Content – It is important to keep your site fresh for your visitors. Offering quality web content that is updated on a regular basis gives a reason to come back to your site frequently.

4. Optimized for Search Engines – Expanding on the above point “Fresh Content”, it is important to have quality optimized content for search engines. “SEO” or Search Engine Optimization is a critical area in order to get your site found, and with it encompassing so many areas, many first timers do get lost. There are many articles out there, so do your research, but for most a reputable Website Marketing Company is the best option.

5. Quality Web Hosting – Not all hosting companies are alike, so don’t settle for the cheapest! As with many things, you do get what you pay for. Doing your research here is important because even with the best website, if your hosting provider is poor, then your website will suffer. Think of this, if the pricing or offering of the hosting company seems too good to believe, then most likely it is! 

Global Designs is a Calgary based web design company in Alberta. We also offer: web development, website marketing, search engine optimization and so much more! Are you looking for affordable prices, with outstanding service? Look no further!

Why Do You Need a Website?

Most will acknowledge the importance of online business and the beneficial role a website has in their overall success. What are the advantages of a website and how can it improve your business?

24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week Service
A website is available to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Potential customers can visit your website at any time online. You will always be open for business.

A properly designed website will give your business a strong first impression and give your business credibility. A website can often be your initial contact with potential customers.

Your website will be there to promote your business, at all times, with no expiry date.

Reaching Your Clientele
With a website, you can expand your clientele to other cities, regions and even other countries, outside of Calgary. A website creates new markets you wouldn’t normally have, creating exposure and sales.

Having Your Customers Come To You
A website can bring customers to you. If built correctly and optimized properly, a website can be one of the best sources of continuous revenue streams.

You are now convinced… What now?

Decide what information you would like to offer on your website. This can be brief: describing who you are; where you are; what you do; and how to contact you. You can include pages: describing your products and/or services; offering information relative to your customers within the Calgary area or beyond.

Design your website, that is where Global Designs can help you. We take your information and develop a professional, affordable web design. We can even take it further by discussing, creating and implementing a complete web marketing plan for your website. Complete with keyword analysis, search engine optimization and marketing, along with social media exposure. We work closely with you, making sure you get what you require and want, THE FIRST TIME!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Basics

One of the most important aspects of website marketing is search engine optimization (SEO). The finer points of SEO should be left to a professional, but there are many things the average web developer can do to boost their position in search engines such as Google.

Domains: Choosing the proper domain is one of the most overlooked ways to get listed quickly in search engines. Pick a website domain that not only includes your company name but also the product or service you provide.

Proper Keywords: Research what words or phrases people are most likely to use when searching for you on the web. Pay attention to your competition (those who rank highly in search engines) and try to incorporate the words they consider most valuable.

Quality Content: Make sure all your content is written professionally and error free, while also including your most important keywords and phrases. Don’t overuse things, or risk penalties for unethical SEO practices.

Using ALT Tags: Alt tags are descriptions used to name graphics or images found within the website. Be sure to use these on your webpage graphics.

Update Your Website Frequently: Search engines look for fresh content and monitor for changes or updates made to websites. Try to update your website once a week, more if you can.

Keywords In Title: Webpage titles are the first place search engines look when going through each page of a website. Make sure all titles contain your important words or phrases. Don’t give every page the same title, each should have their own unique description.

SEO Friendly Naming of Web Pages: The file name you give each page of your website is just as important as the title itself. Give each page a file name that includes keywords as it relates to that particular page.

Headers: Search engines look for header content. Don’t just bold your text, use proper header content in your HTML code. Make sure your top keywords and phrases are written into your headers wherever possible.

Global Designs is a Calgary website marketing company, improving your websites online exposure using internet marketing techniques and Social Media Marketing (SMM). We have successfully promoted websites in a variety of industries in Calgary, Alberta and throughout Canada.

About Search Engine Optimization

How does a search engine differ from a web directory?

Simply put, a search engine is a database of sites that has spiders or programs that regularly checks websites and crawls the Internet so that a search engine index is populated with entries. A directory, on the other hand, is a list of websites organized into categories. Directories are curated and reviewed by human editors.

What does search engine optimization mean?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of adding to your website elements that will enable search engines to identify, understand and rank your website. This includes: finding niche keywords, writing meta tags, adding alt tags, and calculating keyword density, body text length, link popularity and more. These modifications play a key role in your website ranking.

Why is having an online marketing strategy crucial?

Website promotion has changed considerably over the past years. A few years ago, search engine “robots” crawled the net looking for websites to fill their content. With the increase of websites on the Internet, it’s harder to get listed and rank high in the search engines. It is critical for website owners to consider having an online marketing strategy that will increase visibility and drive targeted traffic to their website.

How long does it take to be listed in a search engine?

It depends on the search engine. Some may register your website instantly and others may require several months. Unfortunately, this may take time and there is no guarantee that your site will be accepted.

How do search engines rank web pages?

In order to deal with vast numbers of web pages, search engines operate based on a set of rules or an algorithm. A basic algorithm that search engines follow include keyword frequency, met tags, backlinks, and content quality.

What makes my position change on the search engines?

Your position on the search engines can change dramatically and unpredictably as new competitors go online. Search engines also frequently re-index, sometimes altering the criteria used to determine ranking.

What can I do to help my website achieve better ranking?

Updating your web pages frequently, adding content (about a product, event, location, etc.), and exchanging links with other web sites all help to increase your visibility in the search engines.

Do you guarantee any rankings?

We don’t guarantee any rankings. What we guarantee we only employ the best practices in SEO and digital marketing. We’ll help you to achieve better rankings and increase traffic to your website by using our knowledge and experience with search engines and optimization techniques.

What is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Pay-Per-Inclusion search engines?

Search engines now offer the ability to purchase placement. Pay-Per-Click search engines  consist of bidding on keywords. The more you bid the higher you rank. Pay-per-Inclusion consists of paying a fee to have your website reviewed and indexed in a directory.

Global Designs is a website marketing company, based in Calgary Alberta. We offer web design, website development and marketing services to the Calgary area. Our marketplace is vast, not bound to Calgary, but reaching across Canada. With over 20 years experience, we know what it takes to get it done right!