Creating a Great Website

There are several elements to making a functional website. We have taken my Top 5 that we feel are important in creating a website presence:

1. Easy Navigation and Easy to Read – Poor organization is a dead giveaway of a poor site. Have you noticed with news papers that all the top stories are at the top? This is how you should think when you are presenting information on your website. Navigation should be easy and user friendly.

2. Intelligent use of Graphics – Most visitors to your site won’t wait more than 30 seconds for your page to load. Imagery is nice, but if used excessively or images sizes are too large, by the time the page finishes loading, the viewer will be gone. You want to use images to catch attention and keep them interested. Don’t use templates that may be in use by others, be creative and original in your web design.

3. Fresh Content – It is important to keep your site fresh for your visitors. Offering quality web content that is updated on a regular basis gives a reason to come back to your site frequently.

4. Optimized for Search Engines – Expanding on the above point “Fresh Content”, it is important to have quality optimized content for search engines. “SEO” or Search Engine Optimization is a critical area in order to get your site found, and with it encompassing so many areas, many first timers do get lost. There are many articles out there, so do your research, but for most a reputable Website Marketing Company is the best option.

5. Quality Web Hosting – Not all hosting companies are alike, so don’t settle for the cheapest! As with many things, you do get what you pay for. Doing your research here is important because even with the best website, if your hosting provider is poor, then your website will suffer. Think of this, if the pricing or offering of the hosting company seems too good to believe, then most likely it is! 

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