Why Do You Need a Website?

Most will acknowledge the importance of online business and the beneficial role a website has in their overall success. What are the advantages of a website and how can it improve your business?

24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week Service
A website is available to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Potential customers can visit your website at any time online. You will always be open for business.

A properly designed website will give your business a strong first impression and give your business credibility. A website can often be your initial contact with potential customers.

Your website will be there to promote your business, at all times, with no expiry date.

Reaching Your Clientele
With a website, you can expand your clientele to other cities, regions and even other countries, outside of Calgary. A website creates new markets you wouldn’t normally have, creating exposure and sales.

Having Your Customers Come To You
A website can bring customers to you. If built correctly and optimized properly, a website can be one of the best sources of continuous revenue streams.

You are now convinced… What now?

Decide what information you would like to offer on your website. This can be brief: describing who you are; where you are; what you do; and how to contact you. You can include pages: describing your products and/or services; offering information relative to your customers within the Calgary area or beyond.

Design your website, that is where Global Designs can help you. We take your information and develop a professional, affordable web design. We can even take it further by discussing, creating and implementing a complete web marketing plan for your website. Complete with keyword analysis, search engine optimization and marketing, along with social media exposure. We work closely with you, making sure you get what you require and want, THE FIRST TIME!

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