Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Basics

One of the most important aspects of website marketing is search engine optimization (SEO). The finer points of SEO should be left to a professional, but there are many things the average web developer can do to boost their position in search engines such as Google.

Domains: Choosing the proper domain is one of the most overlooked ways to get listed quickly in search engines. Pick a website domain that not only includes your company name but also the product or service you provide.

Proper Keywords: Research what words or phrases people are most likely to use when searching for you on the web. Pay attention to your competition (those who rank highly in search engines) and try to incorporate the words they consider most valuable.

Quality Content: Make sure all your content is written professionally and error free, while also including your most important keywords and phrases. Don’t overuse things, or risk penalties for unethical SEO practices.

Using ALT Tags: Alt tags are descriptions used to name graphics or images found within the website. Be sure to use these on your webpage graphics.

Update Your Website Frequently: Search engines look for fresh content and monitor for changes or updates made to websites. Try to update your website once a week, more if you can.

Keywords In Title: Webpage titles are the first place search engines look when going through each page of a website. Make sure all titles contain your important words or phrases. Don’t give every page the same title, each should have their own unique description.

SEO Friendly Naming of Web Pages: The file name you give each page of your website is just as important as the title itself. Give each page a file name that includes keywords as it relates to that particular page.

Headers: Search engines look for header content. Don’t just bold your text, use proper header content in your HTML code. Make sure your top keywords and phrases are written into your headers wherever possible.

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