Choosing a Web Design Firm

One way to get a feel for a website design company is to look at their website. This will give an indication of their standards, it will also provide information about their services, examples of their work and customer testimonials.

When speaking with a website development company, it is important that they understand your business and your customers. When you find the right web design company you should have made some kind of connection and mutual understanding of what is required and wanted.

Here are some guidelines to help choose the right web designers:

Can they cater to all business?
Look through their portfolio. Does their work all look similar in format and structure? Make sure you are paying for a custom web design service, not a cheap template.

Are their customers satisfied?
Reputable web design companies will always be willing to give you referrals upon request.

How is their response time?
Take note of their choice of response (e-mail, phone, fax) and how quickly they can respond to your inquiries.

How reasonable are their prices?
Make sure you get what you pay for, and if you are on a budget, that the web design company you choose won't exceed it. If you can't afford the one that you feel is most qualified, don't settle for a cheaper. You get what you pay for! Discuss your options, as reputable web designers will often work with your budget and offer solutions.

Can they deliver on time?
Don't be scared to ask about completion dates, or if you have a set deadline, can they meet it.

Can they help you market your website?
Web marketing is key to your websites success. Find a web designer that knows how to promote, whether it be through: search engine optimization, pay-per-click or social media marketing.

Are they personable and friendly?
Is the designer willing to help and suggest their own ideas? Find a website designer that willingly gives input during the initial creativity process, throughout the production and even after completion.

Global Designs is a website development company, located in Calgary Alberta. With over 20 years experience in the industry, we know what it takes to get your website done efficiently and done right!