Web Design

Web Design or Website Development, What Do I Need?

Web Design is the design aspects and overall look & feel for a website. Website Development pertains to the functionality and making things work.

How it functions and performs are important factors in the success of any site. Strong web design and website development creates a positive user experience. The answer to the initial question is simple, YOU NEED BOTH!

The Process Made Simple

We are a Calgary web services company, with expertise in Web Design, Website Development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and know what it takes to get your web presence done efficiently! Our goal is to make the process of having an online presence an easy one!

Step-by-Step process of how we approach each project:

Introductions. During initial consultation, we will go the extra mile to fully understand what you want, address your questions and explain what we can do to scale your business.

Price Quote / Contract. After the consultation, we will providing you with an overview of the services you may need in addition to a price estimate so you are fully aware of the total project cost in advance. Once both parties agreen on the contract details, a 50% deposit will be provided.

Website Analysis. In order to produce excellent results, we engage discussions with the client: market research, market region or location(s), product or services in relation to marketplace and competition. We’ll examine your requirements and utilize that information throughout the project.

Web Design. We work with always  work with you the during the design process. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal and rest assured your will get constant updates from us regarding what your website looks like.

Website Development and Testing. Once the graphical layout is approved, Global Designs starts working towards project completion, from graphics optimization to web pages creation and site testing.

Publishing Your New Website. Once completed and approved by the client, we will launch the website let the world see! We do what is required to make sure your new website is fully functional. Additionally, Global Designs will submit your site to leading search engines that provide this service for free, and validate any submissions if necessary.

Website Maintenance / Support. Your site is now live, we can provide technical support at reasonable rates.

Additional Information

We are partnered with some of the best in Canadian web hosting and domain registration services. At any point during the above steps, we can assist you in obtaining your domain name(s) if necessary. If website hosting is required, we can also assist in making sure your needs are taken care of. Our goal is to make the process of having a website an easy one!

During the development phases of the project, we always implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, based on information provided by the client. As clients have different web marketing needs, we work with the customer to implement any further marketing solutions as per client requests and requirements.