About Search Engine Optimization

What is the difference between a search engine and a directory?
A search engine is a database of websites. Each search engine has a dedicated spider that regularly crawls the net. Search results are displayed according to the keywords entered by Internet users. A directory is a catalogue of websites classified by categories. Unlike search engines, websites submitted to a directory are reviewed by a human editor.

What does search engine optimization mean?
Search Engine optimization is the process of adding to your website elements that will enable search engines to identify, understand and rank your website. This includes: finding niche keywords, writing meta tags, adding alt tags, and calculating keyword density, body text length, link popularity and more. These modifications play a key role in your website ranking.

Why is having an online marketing strategy crucial?
Website promotion has changed considerably over the past years. A few years ago, search engine "robots" crawled the net looking for websites to fill their content. With the increase of websites on the Internet, it's harder to get listed and rank high in the search engines. It is critical for website owners to consider having an online marketing strategy that will increase visibility and drive targeted traffic to their website.

How long does it take to be listed in a search engine?
It depends on the search engine. Some may register your website instantly and others may require several months. Unfortunately, this may take time and there is no guarantee that your site will be accepted.

How do search engines rank web pages?
Search engines have to deal with hundreds of millions of web pages. They follow a set of rules, known as an "algorithm". Exactly how a particular search engine's algorithm works is a closely-kept trade secret. However, all major search engines follow the general rules: frequency of a keyword in a web page, meta tags, the number of links that point to your site, content, etc.

What makes my position change on the search engines?
Your position on the search engines can change dramatically and unpredictably as new competitors go online. Search engines also frequently re-index, sometimes altering the criteria used to determine ranking.

What can I do to help my website achieve better ranking?
Updating your web pages frequently, adding content (about a product, event, location, etc.), and exchanging links with other web sites all help to increase your visibility in the search engines.

Do you guarantee any rankings?
We don't guarantee any rankings. However, we guarantee that we will not use any spam technique including doorway pages and cloaking methods which can cause your site to be rejected from search engines and directories. We'll help you to achieve better rankings and increase traffic to your website by using our knowledge and experience with search engines and optimization techniques.

What is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Pay-Per-Inclusion search engines?
Search engines now offer the ability to purchase placement. Pay-Per-Click search engines (Overture, Espotting, FindWhat) consist of bidding on keywords. The more you bid the higher you rank. Pay-per-Inclusion (Yahoo) consists of paying a fee to have your website reviewed and indexed in a directory.

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