Customer Testimonials

We love to hear from our clients and what they have to say. We do much more than just offer website services, we build customer satisfaction!

Having over 40 years of professional experience of dealing with organizations which provide support service has given me a unique opportunity to meet many people who believe that doing the best you can, each and every day is a goal. I have found it challenging to meet people who not only strive but rarely accomplish this with commitment and excellence. In order to do so, it has become apparent to me to do so does require a commitment that is often assumed rather than earned. In the case of Global Designs,and in getting to know the ongoing dedication in providing exceptional service and support is a challenge Rick Chorney embraces and welcomes. It is a privilege to work with someone who strives for excellence each and every day.

Margie Schuett, Chairman
Camp Cadicasu Association of Calgary

We have received more consumer inquiries (which turned into sales) on our new site in six weeks, than we received from our old over the course of 5 years.

I am very impresssed with your work and how you get things done, it really takes a load off me.

Darryl Chobotiuk
Aquamaster, Calgary

We're already seeing major improvements this year thanks to your expertise.

Paul Corcoran
Blackfish Sea Kayaking, Prince Rupert

A recent event with my business aptly illustrated the importance of dealing with a knowledgeable web designer. Rick’s indepth knowledge and experience certainly expresses that underlying knowledge, coupled with a honest, no-nonsense approach. How refreshing it is to deal with a company who has one’s best interests at heart in providing honest, reliable, well-thought-out and well-designed web services. Global Designs is unquestionably your best choice.

Peter Hartman
Stable Networking, Calgary

I am very pleased with your service!

Jeff Pitt
Watchman's Pub, Calgary

You have been by far the most helpful and client service orientated server host I have ever worked with.

Leo Addington
Riders On Board, Calgary

I take great pleasure in offering up a great, huge thank you for all your professional and efficient help in assisting me with transferring my website into, what I know, is very capable hands.

I was very much dreading having to make a change as I am not computer savvy. My conversations with you, by both phone and email, were handled in a proficient, timely and reassuring manner. You are deserving of a ‘pat on the back’ for all your patience with me and I now confident and relaxed knowing that you have everything under control.

I look forward to a long business relationship with Global Designs. Thanks again!

Bev Halisky
Driving Miss Daisy

We have been using Global Designs Internet Solutions for many years and have been completely satisfied. I have greatly appreciated their "human" technical support. I don't have to wait for weeks to hear back from them, and an actual person responds to my voicemail or e-mail, not just an auto-responder. I think Global Designs developed a great looking site for me, and I have received excellent help when it comes to uploading pages to my site. I'm looking forward to receiving their additional Internet Search Optimization Services.

Richard Anderton
TalkItUp Technologies, Calgary

Four years ago, I embarked on a business venture that required high powered website design and implementation expertise. I was paying my existing IS company in excess of $100 per hour to provide me with that needed expertise. It quickly became apparent that their services were lacking, creating problems for our venture. At this point, I was introduced to Rick Chorney and Global Designs. It was evident from the outset that Rick had “the knack” for website design, hosting and essentially everything internet (as well as an uncanny ability with computers). Rick helped create an effective, attractive website – for an extremely reasonable price and within the timeframe agreed upon. His attention to detail and impeccable customer care has led to a fruitful, ongoing business relationship.

Global Designs continues to consult with us on all of our website design and implementation needs and now hosts all of our and our client’s websites. Site down time is essentially non existent. Any technical glitches that may inadvertently be created (usually on our end) are quickly and effectively resolved. I highly recommend Global Designs for any internet related needs.

Al Kimmel, President
Rentaplace, Calgary

Your friendly service and prompt responses to our needs are greatly appreciated. You're not only patient and helpful but the quality of service I have received (both technically and professionally) to date has been outstanding! I really enjoy the relationship we have with Global Designs. Keep up the good work.

Heather Beschell
Pink Icing, San Diego

I would like to thank you Global Designs Internet Solutions for becoming such a great asset to our team. Your broad knowledge base, speed, and ability to accurately understand our needs is something that helped our business grow. Thanks again!

Walson Tai
Flashed & Calgary Climbing Centre, Calgary

Global Designs Internet Solutions has been great to work with. I can't tell you how they do it but I'm happy with the results. Their pleasant and easy going manner along with the efficiency of the company, has made it easy for me to work with them and recommend them to others. Thanks.

Karen Colford
Karen's Candles Etc., Myrnam

We are extremely pleased with the expertise, service and support we receive from Global Designs. Global Designs takes care of our Web presence behind the scenes so we can get on with building our business with our customers!

Janet Knowles
DarbyTech Training Equipment, Calgary